Top 10 Attraction Sites In Istanbul

Desired by empires along centuries and millenniums, overlapping both Asia and Europe, Istanbul is one of the world’s greatest capitals. Istanbul has withstood the different ruling systems established by various emperors who camped and made it the central administration city for their empires. Istanbul reserved its excellent position as the central point of their empire. The city was officially called Istanbul immediately after the establishment of the Turkish Republic. It is copiously scattered with celebrated remains of its long and impressive history, and the exploration here can electrify even the most memorial-weary visitor. There are several attractions and adventuresome sites in Istanbul among them are:

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque is one of the most acknowledged and impressive landmarks of Istanbul. It was built a millennium after Hagia Sophia for Suleyman The Magnificient by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan between 1549 and 1575. It is known for its elegance. The interior is overshadowed by spiralling 53 m dome that is distinguishable for its harmonious significant proportions and unity of design. Sinan The Architect was among the greatest architects of all time. The grounds of the Mosque had a hospital, kitchen for making food for the poor, schools for young children and a religious school, medical school, and a caravansary. It was fundamentally a safe place for traveling merchants and their camels where they could safely spend the night.

Outside in the serene garden area is an attention-grabbing Ottoman cemetery that is also home to the tombs of the Sultan Suleyman and his wife Haseki Hurrem Sultan (known in the west as Roxelana).

Aya Sophia


Aya (Hagia) Sophia is one among the magnificent structures in Turkey; established long ago as a landmark for the first church, the building has been of significant economic value in the tourism sector for many years. Due to political instability and constant fight and disagreement over the structure, one of the greatest emperors of the countries made it a museum. This building has been relished ever since the 15th century. It was declared public museum to be enjoyed by both Christians and Muslims because it was an important building to fight over.

People in Turkey claim that Justinian leadership accomplished the great work of the church that he claimed to have surpassed King Solomon for church building work. The Aya Sofya was the emperor’s boasting statement to the world of affluence and technical aptitude of his empire. Tradition held that the region neighbouring the emperor’s throne within the church was the real centre of the world. The changing of Hagia to a mosque was after the Ottoman army conquered Constantinople.

Topkapi Palace


Topkapi Palace was built by Mehmet the Conqueror in the 15th century. This splendid palace alongside the Bosporus was the home and administration place for sultans of the Ottoman Empire who ruled their dominions until the 19th century for over 600 years. The massive complex is a stunning display of Islamic art and virtuosity with affluent courtyards, lined with elaborate hand-painted tile work, joining a warren of magnificently decorated quarters, all enclosed by battlement walls and tower.

There are many fascinating figures in Topkapi, of the many things the most prevalent are: the Harem (where the emperor’s wives, concubines and children, used to spend their days); the Second Court where people walk through the magnificent Palace Kitchens and stand in admiration at the incredible core of the Imperial Council Chamber. Third Court (contained the emperor’s private chambers) this exhibits an extraordinary collection and remnants of Prophet Muhammad also called Sacred custody chamber is home to the imperial capital. In this house, you are received by a cache of gleaming gold materials and precious jewels that will make your eyes water. Topkapi is not a hurry zone as it captures individual heart and soul fantasies.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in Istanbul forms a great adventurous point in the world. The museum comprises of three sections or buildings: the museum of ancient Orient, the archaeological museum and the tiled pavilion.

The museum of ancient Orient has a variety of fascinating sites that include sculptures, tools and weaponry tools from Egypt, Mesopotamia and Arabia. This place still stores one of the oldest treaties; treaty of
Kadesh, which was signed in 13th century BC between Hittites and Ramses II; The museum also houses tiles of lions and dragons at the entrance.

The museum also has the Alexander Sarcophagus carvings and sculptures that show him in battles or while hunting this attracts many foreigners to the site. The masterpieces in the museum show an attribute of reality in the carvings. It portrays sarcophagus mourning of women. These sculptures were excavated from the Royal Necropolis at Sidon that displays the figures of him and the women that bring the sense of reality in them. This museum is worth visiting as it has much more adventurous than the mentioned above.

Blue Mosque

blue-mosque-istanbul-turkeySultan Ahmet’s majestic architectural reward to his people was this exquisite mosque, commonly known as the Blue Mosque today. It was built in 1609 to 1616; the mosque caused an uproar throughout the Muslim denomination in the world when it was completed as it had six minarets (same as the Great Mosque of Mecca). A seventh minaret was ultimately gifted to Mecca to stop the dissension. The mosque got its nickname from the interior decoration of the tens of thousands of Iznik tiles that are blue in colour. The entire dimension and colour effect of the inside-mosque makes the mosque one of the grand accomplishments of Ottoman architecture.

Taksim Square

taksim-squareTaksim Square is located in the northeastern part of Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoglu Istanbul. It is among the modern figures of Istanbul. This square was laid back in the 1800’s around a Taksim branching point. At the southern end side of the square stands the independence monument (Istiklal Aniti), which depicts the Turkish founder Kemal Ataturk. In the opposite northern end is Ataturk cultural centre. It is a great place to owe in mind the things that had happened there in the past; more to this are the cosy restaurants and shopping malls at the park where people enjoy delicious turkey foods and beverages. It forms one of the greatest places in Turkey nation.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge spans the mouth of Golden Horn and joins the Asia side of Istanbul to the European Galata. Earlier ago there was a pontoon bridge that had more charm than the current bridge. It is a movable bridge, and it’s astonishing to view. It is 490m long and was built in 1992; has a walking line and three lanes for vehicles, this is an excellent walk site as the activities and culture that takes place on the bridge are amazingly attractive. The bridge has got hotels restaurants and fishermen all around the place like a town or a see-shore. The breeze on the bridge is welcoming and delicious cookeries are worth a visit.

Golden Horn

Golden Horn is one of the supreme natural harbours in the world; Golden Horn is approximately 7 km long circular inlet leading to Bosporus near the Galata Bridge. During the medieval era, the Golden Horn used to be closed to shipping by a chain across its mouth. For detailed shoreline views, people stage at Hasköy (where they can visit the beautiful 18th-century pavilion of Aynalikavak Kasri) and Eyup ( people can catch a cruise from Eminönü dock ).

Basilica Cistern

basilica-cisternThe Basilica Cistern is one of Istanbul’s most fantastic tourist attraction and expedition site. This great, fortress-like underground hall, reinforced by 336 columns and 12 rows, used to warehouse the main water supply for the Byzantine emperors. This project was started by Constantine the Great but was accomplished by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. Most of the columns that were used for construction were reprocessed from previous classical structures that featured beautiful figures. The most prominent of these are the column foundations commonly called Medusa stones that are in the northwest corner with their Medusa-headed carvings. Visiting this place is very atmospheric and exclusively heart-moving. The columns are beautifully lit and the soft, steady trickle of water all around you.

Bosporus Cruise Boat Rental

Bosporus Cruise offers an opulence exploration experience while on a boat. Tourists are picked up at their accommodation apartments and driven to the harbour or port to instigate the cruise. While cruising there are various places and spectacular sights that include Topkapi Palace, the Bosporus Bridge and Beylerbeyi Palace. Frequent Lunch or dinner services are offered with drinks as people cruise. Tourists are dropped back to their hotels at the end of the journey. There are also daily yacht rentals, evening dinner cruises and breakfast service on a boat.

If tourists want to have that all-crucial Istanbul skyline view of minarets and palaces, they have to get out on the water.

Using online travel agencies for your vacation plan

Tourism has been the income earner for many countries as many people have devoted their time to travel the world to see and explore different regions.

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Scheduling Your Holiday Around School

You want to take your kids on vacation, but between your work schedule and their school schedule, it seems impossible. Don’t worry, there are options.


Your children have about three months off every school year, typically during the summer. It is a perfect time to plan your vacation without it negatively impacting their school attendance. Plan early so that you can avoid crowds, over-booked resorts, or other pitfalls that may occur during the busy summer months.

Holidays and Teacher Workdays

Your child gets particular holidays and teacher workdays off each year. When the school year starts, look at their schedule and see if you can arrange for your family vacation to correspond with the time they are going to be out anyway. Remember that Christmas ski trips will be more crowded on the slopes, so plan accordingly. Why not plan a trip around the teacher workdays during the fall semester? There will be less of a crowd to contend with.

Short Leave

A few days away from school to visit Grandma will not detrimentally affect your child’s schoolwork. Plan ahead and make sure there will be no tests or major assignments during the time away. Some teachers will allow homework to be turned in early or tests taken after school if that’s the case. Your children can also complete missed schoolwork during the drive up and back if needed.

Extended Leave

You’ve tried everything, but there’s no way around it. That two-week vacation to D.C. will have to occur right in the middle of your child’s school year. Don’t panic, there are plenty of ways good preparation can alleviate any problems. Talk to your child’s teacher and get any schoolwork that needs to be completed during your absence. Try to get your child to do as much of this work as possible before your vacation, but carry along their assignments if necessary. Ask the teacher if your children can turn their vacation into extra credit. Completing a report on the history of D.C. landmarks can allow your children to learn more about their country’s history and also show their teacher that their time was spent on educational pursuits.

Legal assistants spend their time writing a lot!

Paralegal writing skills

What is a legal assistant?

A legal assistant can be defined as a person who is supervised by a lawyer that deal with legal matters. Legal assistants are not lawyers, but they are educated and can handle various legal matters like hearings of witnesses, writing testimonials etc. There are different duties assigned to them by the lawyers. They are mostly responsible of doing drafting works. They are good in writing legal documents and this is one of the main duties performed by them.

Legal assistants are trained to write all kinds of legal documents, whether they are simple or complex. Drafting is an important aspect of their training and work. Lawyers usually do those tasks related to a case, which are of high degree and all the small tasks are given to legal assistants. Contract writing, agreements, memorandums and many other related documents are prepared by them. That’s why they spend most of their time drafting documents, writing legal stuff which requires a complete concentration most of the time. For this very reason, and due to the nature of the work they do, legal assistants can make up to 80k a year depending on their field of expertise.

Formal writing is quite technical as compared to the creative writing. There is great responsibility of writing any official draft as its each and every word matter. A slight mistake can bring a serious problem to the lawyers and the law firm he is working for. There are certain rules for legal writing that are obligatory to follow and no changes can be made against them where as creative writing has no binding rules to follow.

Formal writing needs a special training where as creative writing only needs little research about a topic and skills to write creatively on that topic. The lawyers often give chances to responsible legal assistants to handle, easy cases solely to train them in a good way with a good experience. A responsible legal assistant is very beneficial for the lawyer and for the law firm as he can handle much of the tasks of the lawyer.

Document writing is a responsible job that needs attention and time, so lawyers try to ask for such work from their assistants and they rather concentrate more on the major parts of the cases. So most of the times the entire documentation process is done by legal assistants without the guidance of the lawyer. Creative writing is a very relaxing job as compared to official writing. Any mistakes done in the creative writing can be amended and does not bring a serious problem where as official writing is too sensitive that even a single word can change the entire meaning that would be followed by serious legal issues.

Formal writing is a complete formal job that cannot be done independently without being employed in any firm, but contrary to this creative writing does not need any office job to do it. Creative writing can be done independently and such writing services can be given directly to the client without the affiliation with any firm. If you make any mistake in creative writing, you do not have to pay penalty for it, but in official writing you any serious mistake can bring you to the court. There are no penalties for mistakes in creative writing but in official writing you and the firm you are working for can be in a trouble.