How to write a killer resume

Resume writing is like story telling!

While going for a job interview, the most important thing is your resume. It should be quite attractive at the very first glance. If it has made a good impression on the employer, your first step towards getting a job has accomplished.

The employer has to judge everything about you through your CV. For resume writing, university graduate students are given special classes and seminars that can help them to find a better job. It should be strong enough to generate a rocking impression where as unorganized resume can put a very bad impact on the interviewer.

So, one should put his or her utmost efforts in CV writing by keeping a special eye on various important sections of the it. For this, one definitely needs a special training and help to write a perfect one. Here are certain important factors that can make your CV look fabulous.


Professional writing style:

The overall writing style must be highly professional keeping all the minor details in mind.


The title of the resume is the first thing that comes into notice of the employer. You can grab the attention of the employer by writing a perfect title.

Career details:

This section of the resume performs a vital duty for being selected for the job. You should be presenting all the career details like your qualification, professional experience, skills and all the abilities that are important for the job.


Do mention the awards in the resume as awards always put extra stars to your overall impression.

Avoid irrelevant information:

It should not be containing extra and irrelevant information as it always puts negative impression on the employer.

You should act like a professional when writing a resume, but also know how to write good stories. Story telling is found in almost in all the cultures around the globe. It is a source of an entertainment for all the people in the world specially the children. It was usually done verbally in the past but now days, visual aid has multiplied its charm among the viewers. Religious stories are also found in all the religions that help people to understand the history of their religion.

So you should treat as a form of literacy. This form of art contributes to the training of people academically as well as in non-academic education. Story telling in the form of film or drama makes people aware of numerous social aspects of their society and writers try to provide best solutions for the common social problems. It stimulates the thinking capacity of a human being and for the same reason children are being taught this since their early ages. The digital world has made it easier to access the stories in various forms and children are more often spending their time in watching stories in the form of cartoons and films.

It trains us to explore and construct our wisdom and enhances our imagination. Writers share their real time experiences with people on a wide scale through stories.